The Independent Schools Foundation

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The Independent Schools Foundation (“ISF” or “Foundation”) has established itself as a leader in excellent, innovative bilingual and bicultural experiential learning in Hong Kong. Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Charles Kao’s legacy as Founding Chairman was to infuse the spirit of innovation and adventure into the school ethos. His enthusiasm for learning by discovery and problem solving is reflected in part of our Mission Statement:

“…nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning

We intend to give our students a research-based, high degree of STEM + Arts fluency (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics + Arts) that will allow them to flourish in an interconnected, interdependent digital world, while having the creative, communicative, collaborative and humanistic skills necessary to excel and lead in any organization. The commitment of our Board and leadership to delivering our Vision and Mission has positioned us well to offer the finest bilingual Chinese-English curriculum in the world. Our timeless values and ethos of innovation will ensure that ISF will be able to endure as a relevant and purposeful institution in a world that is constantly changing.

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