The ISF Academy

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A Leader in Unique Bilingual and Bicultural Inquiry-Based Experiential Learning

The ISF Academy is an internationally accredited, not-for-profit private independent school, offering a program spanning from Foundation Year to Grade 12, with additional Pre-School classes for vibrant early years education. Our goal is for students to realize their full potential by thinking independently, by using their heads and hands to try out new things without fear of failure, by enjoying a sense of ownership. Our rigorous learning also offers university level programs and unrivalled learning support. We aim to imbue students with timeless virtues for life, we learn and live by these virtues. We are committed to giving students incomparable global outreach and a strong sense of responsibility for the good of all.

1 Kong Sin Wan Road
Pokfulam, Hong Kong Tel +852 2202 2000
Fax +852 2202 2099
Email [email protected]
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